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Serious Arm and Leg Injury Claims

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If you have suffered a serious arm or leg injury such as, a complex fracture, an injury resulting in the loss of feeling or function, or a limb amputation as a result of an accident our Serious Injury Solicitors can help.

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Serious arm and leg injuries, such as injuries requiring amputation, or complex fractures, can have a huge impact on your life. Any serious injury to your limbs not only causes great pain and discomfort but can also affect your mobility and your ability to lead an independent life. A serious arm or leg injury doesn’t just affect you - the accident victim - it can also affect your family, both financially and also through the added pressure and responsibility of caring for a seriously injured family member.

Here at Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors, our Serious Injury specialists work with people like you who have suffered serious arm and leg injuries in non fault accidents to get them the compensation they deserve. Whilst money can’t always remedy the physical effects of an accident, the compensation our Serious Injury Solicitors recover for our clients means they have the financial security to allow them a reasonable quality of life, whether that involves financing modifications to their home, paying for specialist health care or help with their day-to-day living requirements.

What are Serious Arm and Leg Injuries?

Many non-fault accidents, such as road traffic accidents and accidents at work can lead to arm and leg injuries. Fortunately, in many cases these injuries will completely heal within a reasonably period of time (usually within a year from the date of the accident). For leg and arm injuries, a serious injury generally involves an arm or leg injury that does not completely heal, or where there is an element of long term or permanent disability (e.g. if you no longer have a full range of movement in the injured limb or if part or all of one or more limbs is amputated).

Some of the Serious Arm and Leg Injuries that recent clients have suffered include:

Complex fractures of the arms or legs

A complex fracture describes a broken bone where, for a number of reasons, the fracture is more serious than a simple clean break in the bone. There are several reasons why a fracture might be considered complex, for example if the bone involved shatters, breaking into more than two pieces (medical professionals might refer to this as a comminuted fracture).

Fractures where there is severe damage to the cartilage and soft tissue surrounding the broken bone or where there is a loss of blood or parts of the bone will also be considered complex fractures. Lastly, a complex fracture may also be associated with a dislocated joint.

The treatment of complex fractures is more likely to involve some form of surgical intervention. This compares with simple fractures where a plaster cast might be used to keep the affected bones immobile whilst they heal otherwise unaided. Surgery might be performed on a complex fracture in order to bring the bones together and hold them in place with stainless steel pins.

A complex fracture is also likely to take longer to heal than a simple fracture and carries with it an increased chance that there will be some degree of long-term disability. This usually happens when it isn’t possible to re-set the bones or bone fragments into their original pre-accident locations, resulting in a reduction or loss of freedom of movement in any affected joints.

When dealing with complex fractures of the legs, there is a chance that even after the break has healed, you might not be able to put as much weight on the affected leg, or to take part in strenuous activities, such as football or running. Similarly a complex fracture affecting one or both arms might mean you are unable to lift heavy objects.

Loss of function or paralysis in the arms and legs

The most common cause of a loss of function or paralysis in the arms and legs is damage to the spinal cord, resulting in quadriplegia (affecting both arms and legs) or paraplegia (affecting the legs). However, damage to the nerves in a particular limb can result in localised loss of sensitivity, control and movement in the injured limb. This kind of serious arm or leg injury can have a significant impact on a person’s ability to lead a normal life if the loss of function affects the hands or any other joints such as the knees and ankles.

For more information on paralysis of the arms or legs caused by damage to the spinal cord, visit our Serious Spinal Cord Injuries advice page.

Amputation involving one or more limbs

Any injury involving an amputation is a serious matter, particularly so if the amputation is of a significant portion of one or more limbs. Amputations involving an arm or leg or more than one limb can happen in one of two ways:

The first type of amputation - known as a traumatic amputation - can happen in the accident itself. This type of amputation injury is a very severe injury as it will probably result in significant blood loss as well as distress and trauma for the accident victim. A traumatic amputation injury will require immediate emergency medical treatment as the blood loss and shock from this injury could very well be fatal.

Treating a traumatic amputation may require further surgery to repair any broken bones or to clean up the site of the amputation and may even require a further amputation to tidy up the wound.

How we can help after a Serious Arm or Leg Injury

As Serious Injury specialists, the Solicitors at Canter Levin & Berg understand just how important getting access high quality legal representation is if you have had the misfortune to suffer a serious arm or leg injury in a non-fault accident. Our solicitors have built up their experience successfully recovering compensation for people who have suffered often catastrophic injuries, including the victims of accidents involving traumatic amputations.

If you or a member of your family has suffered a serious arm or leg injury due to the negligence of another party, it should be possible to claim serious injury compensation from whoever was responsible.

The amount of compensation recovered should reflect the pain, suffering and ongoing difficulties your injury has cause you. It is also possible to claim compensation if your arm or leg injury has affected your ability to work, or if you have had to take a less demanding, less well-paid role. Any leg or arm injury compensation claim will also include compensation to cover any money you or your family has paid out for medical expenses and compensation for the care provided to you by family members.

Get expert Serious Head Injury legal advice today

If you or a loved one has suffered a leg or arm injury, our Serious Injury Solicitors are available to discuss making a compensation claim against those responsible. To find out more, you can contact us through this website, or by calling 0151 239 1180.

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