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Serious Injury Claims > Serious Burns and Scalds

Serious Burn and Scalding Injury Claims

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The Solicitors in our Serious Injury Claims department are here to help if you have received burns or you have been seriously scalded in an accident that wasn’t your fault.

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Serious burns and scalds are can be painful and in some cases life-changing injuries that can occur in a range of different situations.

The experience of suffering a serious burn or receiving a scalding injury through no fault of your own can be difficult to come to terms with, but the specialist serious injury solicitors here at Canter Levin & Berg will see to it that you get the best possible legal representation.

What’s more, our team will also ensure that any burn or scald compensation claim you make will take account of your medical requirements and the financial impact that your injuries might have had.

Money can’t always remedy the physical effects of an accident; however the compensation our Serious Injury Solicitors have recovered in the past for our clients has meant they have had the financial security to enable them to enjoy a reasonable quality of life. This includes financing modifications to their home, paying for specialist health care or help with their day-to-day living requirements.

What is a Serious Burn or Scalding Injury?

A burn or a scald can cause damage to the surface of your skin and the tissue underneath. Although both types of injuries are treated in a similar way, they have slightly different causes, with a burn being caused by dry heat, such as that from a fire or a hot iron and scalds being caused by hot liquids and steam. Less commonly, contact with an extremely cold object, can also cause an injury that is very similar to a burn.

Chemical burns, are a related injury and these can be caused by contact with caustic or corrosive chemicals. Unlike more conventional burns or scalds, they are not necessarily dependent on the temperature of the chemicals involved and are usually described as ‘burns’ even when the chemicals involved are liquids.

A third category of burns injuries covers those injuries suffered by people who have inhaled hot smoke or gases, for example during a fire.

A serious burn or scald differs from a moderate or minor injury in a number of ways. Typically serious burns or scalds will affect a significant area of skin or if only confined to a small area, will involve more serious damage i.e. third degree burns as opposed to less severe first degree burns. In addition, a burn or scald might be treated as a serious injury if it affects a certain area of the body, such as the face, hands or genitals.

According to the NHS website, every year in the UK, 13,000 people are admitted to hospital for treatment after suffering burns or a scalding injury and many more will have received emergency treatment at A&E departments.

How might a Serious Burn or Scalding Injury affect me?

Any Serious Burn or Scalding injury can have a significant impact on your quality of life and your ability to care for yourself, to work or to attend school or college. Even when healed, a serious burn or scald could affect your mobility or cause a loss of sensation as well as restricting your movement. This can be a problem if the injury affected your hands or face as it might affect your facial movements, speech and your ability to write or type.

The lasting impact of a burn or scald might include significant scarring, which can also have a damaging psychological impact on the victim, particularly if the scarring cannot easily be concealed by clothing or make-up. Some people who suffer a Serious Burn or Scalding Injury require extensive skin grafts and reconstructive or cosmetic surgical procedures to treat their injuries.

If your serious burn or scalding injury was not your own fault, then a Serious Injury Solicitor will be able to help you to make a compensation claim against those responsible.

How we can help after a Serious Burn or Scalding Injury

As Serious Injury specialists, the Solicitors at Canter Levin & Berg understand just how important getting access high quality legal representation is if you have had the misfortune to suffer a serious burn or a scald through no fault of your own. Our solicitors have built up their experience successfully recovering compensation for people who have suffered often catastrophic injuries, including the victims of accidents involving traumatic amputations.

The amount of compensation recovered should reflect the pain, suffering and ongoing difficulties caused by the burns or scalds. It is also possible to claim compensation if your injuries have affected your ability to work, or if you have had to take on a less well-paid role. Any serious injury compensation claim will also include compensation to cover the money you have paid out for medical expenses and compensation for the care provided to you by family members.

Get expert Serious Burn or Scald Injury legal advice today

If you have suffered a Serious Burn or Scald, our Serious Injury Solicitors are available to discuss making a compensation claim against those responsible. To find out more, you can contact us here on our website, or by calling 0151 239 1180.

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