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Serious Head Injuries

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Our Serious Injury Solicitors are here to give you expert legal advice if you, or a relative have suffered a Serious Head Injury in an accident.

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Serious head injuries, such as those involving brain damage, can cause permanent disability and have a significant impact on your life. A serious head injury might affect your ability to go to school, to hold down a job and also on a day-to-day basis. If you suffer brain damage as a result of a serious head injury, you might need help, at least in the short term, with simple tasks like getting dressed and feeding yourself.

Here at Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors, our team of Serious Injury specialists work with people who have suffered serious head injuries through no fault of their own. If someone else was responsible for an accident in which you suffered your head injury, then we can help you to claim compensation for the effect of the injury on your life. We also work with the families of those affected by serious head injuries in cases where their relative has suffered a head injury that prevents them from making their own compensation claim.

Our expertise in dealing with head injury claims is recognised by our continued inclusion in the directory of approved specialist solicitors maintained by the leading brain injury charity Headway.

What is a Serious Head Injury?

Serious head injuries can often occur in road traffic accidents, for example if two cars collide at speed or if a vehicle hits a cyclist or a pedestrian. Someone might also suffer a serious head injury whilst playing sports, in an accident at work or in a fall. Interestingly, according to official statistics, three-quarters of all head injury victims are male and nearly half of those who suffer a head injury are children.

Any injury to the head can potentially have serious consequences and if a head injury is left untreated, it may cause serious brain damage. When diagnosing a head injury, a healthcare professional will use the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), which was developed to help assess a person’s level of consciousness after a head injury.

A patient with a head injury who is assessed using the GCS will be given a score ranging from 15 (meaning they are fully awake) to 3 (which would indicate the person is in a deep coma). Anyone receiving a score of 8 or less on the GCS would be classed as having a severe head injury. Nowadays, other tests will often be used by hospital staff to determine the nature and extent of a head injury and any potential brain damage, including CT and MRI scans and X-rays.

How a Serious Head Injury might affect your life

A serious head injury involving some degree of brain damage can have a lasting impact on your life. Someone who has suffered brain damage might find that they have problems at work or school and that to do everyday tasks, such as getting dressed and eating, they might require help from a member of their family or a specialist care worker.

The effects of brain damage can cause problems in your physical movement and may also affect your speech or your sense of balance. People who have suffered brain damage as a result of a serious head injury may also find that the injury has affected their memory and their attention span – there may also be more substantial changes to personality that will put a strain on their relationships with friends, family and loved ones.

Treating a serious head injury can involve anything from surgery to repair the physical damage, through to a range of therapies – each aiming to address a particular area that the injured person is having difficulty with.

How we can help you and your family

Here at Canter Levin & Berg, our Serious Injury Solicitors understand how important it is that someone who has suffered a serious head injury gets access to the very best possible legal representation from solicitors with experience dealing with complex serious injury compensation claims. Our solicitors have built up their experience successfully recovering compensation for people who have suffered often catastrophic injuries, including multi-million pound settlements for the victims of brain damage injuries.

If you or a member of your family has suffered a serious head injury due to the negligence of another party, it should be possible to claim serious injury compensation from whoever was responsible.

The amount of compensation recovered should reflect the pain, suffering and ongoing difficulties your injury has cause you. It is also possible to claim compensation if your head injury has left you completely unable to work, or if you have had to take a less demanding, less well-paid role. A head injury compensation claim will also cover any money paid out for medical expenses, e.g. specialist private medical treatment, rehabilitation and support from care workers or care provided by family members.

Get expert Serious Head Injury legal advice today

If you or a loved one has suffered a head or brain injury, our Serious Injury Solicitors are available to discuss making a compensation claim against those responsible.  To find out more, you can contact us through this website, or by calling 0151 239 1180.

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