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Serious Injury Claims > Using a Serious Injury Solicitor

Using a Specialist Serious Injury Solicitor

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It can be tempting to think of a Serious Injury Claim as being just the same as any other Personal Injury Claim. In some ways that is perfectly true, both a Personal Injury Claim and a Serious Injury Claim will involve broadly the same process of gathering evidence, establishing liability, calculating the value of the compensation sought and finally negotiating with the insurance company representing those responsible for your injuries to ensure you receive a fair compensation settlement.

However, just as there are similarities between a Personal Injury Claim and a Serious Injury Claim, there are also differences. Making sense of these differences is what we do here at Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors, but to provide you with a little insight into how these two categories of injury claim differ, we have put together the following guide.

What makes Serious Injury Claims different?

Serious injuries are, as their name would suggest, typically more damaging than moderate or minor personal injuries, having a much greater impact on quality of life. A serious injury will usually affect the sufferer for a significant length of time and in many cases will carry with it some level of permanent disability. A serious injury can often have a life-changing on the victim and their families. When it comes to making a compensation claim against the person or persons responsible for the injury your solicitor will need to have the necessary experience to tackle the complex issues and financial calculations involved.

On-going Care

The long term health effects of a serious injury will make it necessary to provide ongoing care for the injured person so that he or she can enjoy a reasonable quality of life, despite the restrictions caused by their injury. Working out the exact care requirements of a seriously injured person can be a complex task, as these requirements may change considerable over time. A serious injury might cause or accelerate a gradual decline in a person’s health, or it might be that they face a protracted recovery from their injury requiring many years of specialist medical care.


In a case involving a serious injury, there is a greater possibility that the injuries will lead to a lasting disability. Making allowances for the impact a lasting disability can have on someone’s life could potentially involve significant changes to their home, such as the installation of access ramps for a wheelchair, fitting a stair lift as well as adapting other rooms. These modifications can cost large amounts of money, money that will need to be included as part of the serious injury claim.

Home Modifications

The impact of a serious injury on the life of the victim can be substantial and complex arrangements for care or the modification of the victim’s home might need to be made. Similarly, a serious injury case is itself likely to be more complex and as it might be necessary for a more detailed medical evaluation to be performed. This can sometimes involve exploratory surgery, as it might be necessary to evaluate a number of treatment and rehabilitative options available to manage the ongoing effects of the serious injury.

The Length of Time a Serious Injury Claim might take

All of this extra work will have an effect on the length of time it takes to complete a serious injury. In the case of a claim made by someone who has suffered only a moderate injury and who makes, or is expected to make a recovery relatively quickly, the case might only be expected to last a few months, or a year at most. Serious injury claims however, can take several years before a final settlement is reached.

During a serious injury claim, the injured person will obviously need some form of financial support to fund their care requirements. This is why in a serious injury claim, a solicitor may arrange with the defendant to make an interim payment of a small amount of the final damages before the end of the claim.

Get specialist legal advice from a serious injury solicitor today

Canter Levin & Berg’s serious injury solicitors are here to help you, or a family member, to make a serious injury claim after a non-fault accident. We have experienced serious injury solicitors who have worked on complex, high-value serious injury claims for people who have suffered life-changing injuries and they can also help you with your serious injury claim. For more information, call 0151 239 1180 and ask to speak with a member of our serious injury team.

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