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Dealing with a motoring offence can be highly stressful, especially if a conviction could jeopardise your livelihood. For expert legal advice call 0151 352 0016 / 07769 931 027 today.

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At Canter Levin & Berg, our specialist Motoring Offence Solicitors have an impressive record defending clients who have been charged with a motoring offence.

If you’ve been accused of a motoring offence, then we can provide you with high quality legal representation at court and throughout your case. This legal representation could make all the difference, particularly in cases where, if convicted of a motoring offence, you face a custodial sentence or the loss of your driving licence.

Common Motoring Offences

On this section of our website we’ve put together a brief summary of some of the motoring offences our solicitors deal with on a frequent basis.

If you’re facing an allegation of a motoring offence not listed here, or you would like more information or to arrange a meeting with one of our Motoring Offence Solicitors in Liverpool, call 0151 352 0016 today.

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

If you are convicted of a drink or drug related driving offence, it can have a massive impact on your life. The drink driving specialist solicitors at Canter Levin & Berg understand just how daunting the prospect of losing your driving licence, your job or your liberty can be.

Our Solicitors approach the defence of your drink driving charges with an emphasis on achieving the best possible outcome for you, taking into account the circumstances of your case as well as the strength of any evidence offered by the prosecution.

View our full guide to Drink Driving Offences.

Driving Whilst Unfit Through Drugs

It is illegal to drive if your driving ability is impaired by either legal or illegal drugs. If you are stopped by the Police and they think you’re unfit to drive due to your having taken drugs, you will be arrested and taken to a Police Station for a blood test. If that blood test is positive (even if the drugs you have taken are a prescription or over-the-counter medication) then you might be charged with an offence such as Driving Whilst Unfit Through Drugs.

On 2nd March 2015, a new criminal offence of driving with certain controlled drugs above specific limits was introduced in England and Wales. Under the terms of the new offence, there is no requirement to prove the drugs in your system impaired your ability to drive. An offence will have been committed if the amount of drugs in your blood exceeds a certain level, this is similar to the way the law for drink driving offences currently works in respect of a person's blood's alcohol content.

As part of the testing procedures for the new offence, Police officers will be issued with drug detecting devices which can detect the presence of cannabis in your blood, testing for other drugs will be done by sending your blood sample off for analysis.

View our full guide to Drug Driving Offences.

Driving Without Due Care and Attention

For the prosecution to obtain a successful conviction for Driving Without Due Care and Attention, they must be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you were the person driving on a public road or place and that the standard of your driving fell below that of a reasonable driver.

Whilst the first part of this requirement should be a matter of fact, proving that the standard of your driving fell below that of a reasonable driver is not a strict test - it depends entirely upon the court’s conclusion. Our advice can help you put your defence to the court, or mitigate the reasons behind the office. Penalties can range from points on your licence to fines and court costs in addition.

Dangerous Driving

Under the Road Traffic Act 1988, ‘A Person who drives a mechanically propelled vehicle dangerously on a road or other public place is guilty of an offence.’

For the prosecution to obtain a successful conviction they must be able to prove that the standard of your driving fell far below what would be expected of a competent and careful driver. Alternatively, you can be convicted of Dangerous Driving if the prosecution can prove that it would be obvious to a competent and careful driver that driving your vehicle in its current state was dangerous.

The concept of ‘obviousness’ is central to this offence - in order to successfully defend a Dangerous Driving charge, it is important that you seek expert legal advice from an experienced solicitor who can help you to put together an argument as to why it might not have been ‘obvious’ that your driving or your vehicle was dangerous.

Failing To Stop and Failing to Report a Road Traffic Accident

Any time you are involved in a Road Traffic Accident, you have certain legal obligations. These obligations depend on whether the accident caused an injury to another person, or damage to their property.

  • If you were involved in a Road Traffic Accident that caused injury or damage to another person or persons or their property, you must stop and supply all those affected with your name and address, the registration number of the vehicle you were driving and your insurance details. You must also give the name and address of the owner of the vehicle you were driving, if it is not your vehicle.

  • If you were involved in a Road Traffic Accident and someone else was injured, you have a further obligation to report the matter to the Police “as soon as reasonably practicable”. This should be straight away, or at the very least within 24 hours.

In order to successfully defend either the charge of Failing to Stop after an accident or Failing to Report an accident you must satisfy the court that you were genuinely unaware that the incident had occurred or that any damage had occurred. For help in assembling a defence argument to these charges, you should speak to our solicitors.

Fixed Fee Legal Services for Motoring Offences

Here at Canter Levin & Berg, we believe that getting access to expert legal advice to help defend yourself against a motoring offence shouldn’t have to cost the earth. This is why our Motoring Offence Solicitors offer a range of Fixed Fee legal services for people charged with a motoring offence. You can get more information about our fees by visiting our guide to Fixed Fee Legal Services for Driving Offences.

Between them, the solicitors in our Criminal Law team here at Canter Levin & Berg have over 50 years of experience of dealing with all aspects of criminal defence work. To find out if we can defend you in relation to a Motoring Offence, contact our Motoring and Criminal Law Solicitors now on 0151 352 0016.