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Youth Court Representation

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What is The Youth Court ?  
In most circumstances those between the ages of 10 and 17 who are charged with a criminal offence will appear before the Youth Court. The structure of this Court is similar to the Magistrates Court in that cases are heard and dealt with, usually by 3 Magistrates. The Magistrates Court will hear Trials where a Youth has pleaded not guilty and will deal with sentence where a Youth has been found guilty following Trial or the Youth, after taking legal advice in the presence of a parent or Guardian, has pleaded guilty.

The Youth Court is meant to be informal and the emphasis is on the prevention of further offending rather than punishment. Youth Courts should be ideally situated in a separate building to the Magistrates Court but if this is not possible then there will be a separate entrance and exit.

A Youth can find him or herself before a Crown Court in certain, rather, limited circumstances eg when charged with a very serious crime, murder and sexual offences or if charged with an adult.

If your son or daughter is arrested phone Canter Levin and Berg, 24/7. The Police know our number…

If  The Police want to talk to your son or daughter at The Police Station contact Canter Levin and Berg….

If you are in The Youth Court with your son or daughter contact Canter Levin and Berg….The Court has our number