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Employment Law > Disputes During Employment

Disputes during Employment

Employment Solicitor Martin Malone highlights the vital steps which ought to be taken by every employee confronting a dispute at work.

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In any contractual relationship it is inevitable that disputes will arise to some degree during the life of the contract, be they minor or potentially terminal. Disputes may involve issues over pay, discrimination, whistleblowing, breaches of contract or merely problems with work colleagues.

Increasingly, employers and employees are turning away from the adversarial route of litigation and towards the sensible and amicable resolution of disputes via mediation and negotiation. When matters cannot be resolved, it may be time to consider litigation.

All employees know about grievance procedures, however, whenever an employee contemplates raises a grievance they must consider:

  • The form of words used in the initial grievance letter.
  • The points which they need to make.
  • The law that governs the area of complaint.
  • The effect that raising the issue(s) may have on their career.
  • The protection the law affords them.
  • The desired outcome of the process.

It is vitally important that the above six points are considered by the employee at the start of a dispute and a proper action plan put into place. A great many disputes descend into conflict and acrimony because of a lack of planning and strategy by the employee.

Knowledge of employment law is crucial to drafting the initial letter and determining the outcome of the process; without it an employee stands very little chance of resolving the dispute in his or her favour thereby achieving the desired outcome.

By instructing an employment lawyer at Canter Levin & Berg, you can ensure that you are fully advised from the outset in respect of the law and how it impacts upon the particular circumstances of your case, including the legal protection afforded in making certain types of complaint and the impact the dispute may have on your career. It is also very useful to have an objective opinion on the dispute, especially with one eye on the legal issues arising from it.

We will also advise you on strategy and the best way to achieve your desired outcome. We can advise and represent you in negotiations with your employer and attend mediation on your behalf.

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Here at Canter Levin & Berg we have a great deal of experience when it comes to dealing with complicated employment law issues. We have been providing legal advice to employees for over 30 years so we've seen and dealt with most employment scenarios.

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