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Road accident statistics for 2012 published

The number of road accidents in the UK has fallen yet again, according to figures recently released by the Department for Transport.

The Department for Transport's annual summary of all road traffic accidents recorded by the Police showed a fall of 4 per cent when compared with 2011 in the overall number of accidents to just over 145,500. This marks the third lowest annual accident total, with only 1926 and 1927, the first two years in which a national record of accidents was kept, having lower totals.

Deaths and serious injuries in road accidents also fell in 2012 when compared with previous years. An 8 per cent fall in the number of road accident fatalities from 1,901 deaths in 2011 to 1,754 in 2012 continues the overall downward trend seen over the past decade. The number of people seriously injured in road accidents showed a slight drop, falling 0.4 per cent from 23,122 injuries in 2011 to 23,039 in 2012.

The Department for Transport also looked at the number of road accidents for each type of vehicle on the road and also for pedestrians. This revealed that whilst there was a drop in the overall number of deaths and serious injuries, some forms of transport actually saw an increase. For example, whilst there was a 7 per cent drop in the number of pedestrians killed, there was actually a 2 per cent increase in the number seriously injured.

Cyclists fared badly in 2012 with increases in the number of cyclists killed (from 107 in 2011 to 118) and seriously injured (a 4 per cent increase to 3,222). Cyclist injuries have increased each year for the past 8 years, with particular problems in urban areas, despite numerous measures designed to increase the safety of cyclists.

Commenting on the accident figures, Canter Levin & Berg Solicitor Ian Troop said:

'Whilst it is pleasing to see a drop in the number of accidents overall, the year on year rise in fatalities and serious injuries suffered by cyclists, particularly in urban areas, is a real concern. If we are serious in the UK about encouraging people to cycle more and use their cars less, then we need to see initiatives to ensure that the UK is 'cycle-safe'. As a solicitor, I see all too often the devastating effects of suffering serious injury on our roads.'

Road accident solicitors in Liverpool

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By Ian Troop