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Criminal liability of parents for truancy

Have you got children who are failing to attend school? Have they been bullied? Do they refuse to attend?

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Parents or Guardians have a legal responsibility to ensure that their children receive an appropriate education.

Section 444 of the Education Act states that if a child of compulsory school age, who is a registered pupil at a school, fails to attend regularly and/or is persistently late at school, his/her parents are guilty of an offence.

Where parents are found guilty on summary conviction of failing to secure the child's attendance, the court can impose fines on each parent of up to level four, which currently stands at £2500, and in aggravated cases the maximum penalty is three months' imprisonment.

Often a defence of reasonable justification is available to be used in such proceedings.

People from all walks of life can be affected by these matters and although there have been many Government cuts to Criminal Legal Aid in many cases we will be able to apply for Legal Aid on your behalf. If you do not qualify for Legal Aid we can still assist you, If we are successful in defending your case then, in most cases, your costs can be reclaimed from the Government.

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