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Canter Levin & Berg helps young people learn how to protect their property

We’re sponsoring Schools Law Web in their efforts to help kids stay safe and protect their valuables from theft.

Devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers are among the most prized possessions of millions of young people. Here at Canter Levin & Berg, we are pleased to participate in a scheme, organised by the Schools Law Web, that advises school pupils on how best to stop them being stolen.

Recent crime figures show that despite a decline in the overall number of crimes recorded in the country, personal crime, including the theft of mobile phones and other portable items, remains a major problem in many areas of the UK.

However, individuals can take five simple steps to make their devices much less attractive to criminals. These are:

  1. Keep phones and tablets out of sight in public areas when not in use. This prevents opportunist thieves picking up items as they pass by.

  2. Use a password or PIN to stop a thief using a device.

  3. Mark items with a house number & post code using a UV marker pen.

  4. Register devices for free on the secure national police property register at immobilise.com.

  5. Download a tracking app to phones and tablets. Once activated, such apps make it possible to trace devices which go missing, whether they are misplaced by the owner or stolen by a thief.

Together, these steps can help fight the widespread problem of theft and also assist the police in catching criminals.

This advice has been issued by police forces throughout the UK and now it has been incorporated into a class lesson distributed to teachers by the Schools Law Web. This is a teacher-led initiative that uses current news stories to help make the law and other elements of citizenship interesting in the classroom.

We are a long standing member of the Schools Law Web and have been very happy to support this way of informing young people how best to protect their favourite possessions. Of course, the simple steps are also useful for adults who wish to keep their property safe.

The Director of the Schools Law Web, Patrick Gaffney, thanked us for our participation, saying: “We can only make a difference in schools if we gain the support of the wider community. I am extremely grateful to Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors for their valuable support.”

Further information on the Schools Law Web is available on their website.