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25 million drivers’ car insurance premiums are too high.

That’s one of the startling findings from this week’s provisional report by the Competition Commission.

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The car insurance industry has come under fire this week after a highly critical report from the Competition Commission. The report found that not only do motorists in the UK pay too much on their insurance premiums, they also have to put up with sub-standard repairs when things go wrong and even if they try to find a better deal online through a price comparison website, their options are limited by arrangements between insurers and these websites which reduce competition.

Insurance companies have long tried to lay the blame for increased insurance premiums on fraudulent accident claims. However the new Government-sanctioned investigation has revealed that in many cases, this tactic was a smokescreen to mask the complex and inefficient way the insurance industry has dealt with claims made by policy-holders involved in genuine accidents.

In its provisional findings, the Competition Commission found that:

  • In most cases, the party managing the accident claim, typically a non-fault insurer or an intermediary, isn’t the one paying the costs of the claim. This means there isn't enough of an incentive for insurers to keep costs down even though they are themselves on the receiving end of the problem.

  • Too many accident repairs (arranged by insurers) are not carried out to the required standard – putting motorists at risk.

  • There is limited information available to motorists about ‘add-on’ products that are often sold alongside the main insurance policy, while insurers have a point-of-sale advantage. This makes it difficult to identify the best-value offers and many of these add-ons may be priced too high.

  • Contracts between price comparison websites and insurance companies often require that individual insurers’ premiums are not offered more cheaply elsewhere. Some of these clauses requiring the same price across all price comparison websites reduce competition and lead to higher premiums.

Don’t be fooled by insurers – get a better deal after a car accident!

At Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors, we work with genuine accident victims (who by the way make up 93% of all road accident claims) securing the compensation they deserve after a non-fault accident. Unlike insurance companies, we don’t have any vested interests that might lead to your claim being under-valued and in most road accident claims our costs are fixed by government legislation.

If reading about some of the deceptive claims made be insurance companies has left a bitter taste in your mouth, then there is another way. Choosing an independent legal expert, such as one of the road traffic accident Solicitors at Canter Levin & Berg is an excellent way to make sure you get the best possible outcome after any non-fault road accident.

As well as securing you a compensation settlement that actually reflects how your life has been affected by the injuries you have suffered, we’ll also see to it that you are fully compensated for any loss of earnings and other out of pocket expenses related to your accident. What’s more, we can arrange for you to receive a like-for-like replacement hire car whilst your own vehicle is repaired – at no cost to you.

Start your car accident compensation claim today - simply fill in the form on this page of our website and a member of our road accident claims team will call you back.

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