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Have you lost out due to an Under-Settled Injury Claim?

If your Personal Injury claim was under-settled by another Solicitor, then we can help you recover the money you lost out on, by making a Professional Negligence Claim.

There are hundreds of thousands of Personal Injury compensation claims made in England and Wales every year. These claims are made by solicitors on behalf of their clients. Whilst the vast majority of solicitors who deal with these kinds of claims provide their clients with a good service, we have been contacted by people who are concerned that their previous solicitor may have under-settled their claim.

An under-settled claim can cost you, the accident victim, a significant amount of money. Depending on the type of accident, the injuries you suffered, and whether your claim also included money for lost or damaged property, you might have lost out on anything from a few hundred pounds to several thousands.

There are many reasons why some firms of Solicitors under-settled their clients Personal Injury claims. Mistakes we have seen other solicitors make include failing to get proper medical evidence from a doctor who specialises in treating the particular injuries you have suffered or not considering all of the financial losses you might have suffered as a result of your accident.

Some firms also rely on inexperienced junior members of staff to do the vast majority of the work on their clients’ files, with minimal supervision from a qualified solicitor or legal executive. A failure to negotiate with the party responsible for your accident is another common problem that could lead to your claim being under-settled.

Here at Canter Levin & Berg, Solicitor Phil Scott has been looking into the problems caused by under-settled Personal Injury Claims. Phil offered his thoughts on what people should do if they suspect their claim might have been under-settled by their solicitor:

“When a claim for Personal Injury has been settled, the injured person has every right to expect that the advice provided to them by their solicitor was correct and that their settlement represented sufficient compensation for every aspect of their suffering.

There is often a reasonable assumption that the solicitor must have done all that they could to settle the case on the best possible terms. Unfortunately, this assumption is not always correct. My job is to ensure that your settlement is properly reviewed to ensure that you have not been short-changed.

Has your solicitor failed to obtain all of the necessary medical evidence to properly value your case? Has your loss of earnings, overtime or pension been neglected in the settlement? Have your friends and family been financially compensated for their time spent providing care and support to you? Do you still have injury symptoms at odds with the advice given by the doctor and your solicitor?

Under-settlement of Personal Injury claims can cost the injured victim hundreds and, often, several thousands of pounds. That money needs to be put back into your pocket. Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors will ensure that it is.”

Recover your under-settled compensation with Canter Levin & Berg

Are you concerned a recent Personal Injury claim you made might have been under-settled? If you are, then get in touch with the team here at Canter Levin & Berg, we can help.

Our professional negligence solicitors will look at your case to see if you lost out on compensation due to errors made by your solicitor. If we find evidence to suggest your claim was under-settled, then we can help you to recover the money you are owed. What’s more, every case we run is funded on a no win no fee basis.

For more information, visit our online guide to under-settled personal injury claims, or contact Phil Scott at our Liverpool offices on 0151 239 1000.

By Phil Scott