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Personal Injury Law > Contempt of Court in Personal Injury Claims

Facing Contempt of Court Proceedings? We can help!

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If you're facing allegations of Contempt of Court after making a Personal Injury claim, you might be able to obtain legal aid funding to pay for your legal defence.

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If an insurance company suspects that a claimant has committed fraud, either by staging an accident or by grossly exaggerating the injuries they sustained, then Contempt of Court Proceedings are often commenced against that person or persons. Anyone found guilty of Contempt of Court, in relation to making a fraudulent personal injury claim may face imprisonment.

Contempt of Court in Personal Injury claims

Here at Canter Levin & Berg we have noticed that insurance companies are increasingly using Contempt of Court Proceedings to deal with individuals they suspect of making fraudulent personal injury claims. If you are a genuine accident victim, finding out that you are facing proceedings for Contempt of Court can be incredibly daunting and distressing. Until recently, defending an allegation of fraud in relation to a personal injury claim or any other matter might have meant spending significant sums of money on your legal defence.

Recently however, our solicitors have had success in applying for legal aid for people facing proceedings for Contempt of Court. Previously these kinds of Court Proceedings were seen as civil matters, but a recent court judgement means that they are now classed as criminal matters for the purposes of Legal Aid funding. This is a significant legal development and one that will have a huge impact on these types of cases, allowing people accused of fraudulently making a compensation claim to have access to an expert legal defence to represent them in court.

I am facing Contempt of Court proceedings, what should I do?

If you’ve just found out that you are facing Contempt of Court Proceedings, then your first call should be to the expert solicitors here at Canter Levin & Berg. An accusation of contempt is only the first stage of the proceedings and it is important that you speak to an appropriately qualified legal expert at the earliest opportunity, so that your legal defence can be organised early on.

With our recent success in applying for legal aid for people fighting Contempt of Court Proceedings, here at Canter Levin & Berg we are at the very forefront of this area of law. Our solicitors will work on your behalf to ensure that any accusation is vigorously defended - after all being accused of an offence does not automatically mean you are guilty. This is particularly true when dealing with Contempt of Court after an accident claim, as insurance companies are keen to use these Proceedings as deterrents to fraud.

To defend against Contempt of Court Proceedings in circumstances where an insurance company suspects that you have grossly exaggerated your injuries might require an in-depth look at the relevant medical evidence and there is a possiblility that you may be required to attend a specially arranged medical examination. You may also be cross-examined in court. In a situation like this it is vital to have legal representation from an expert Contempt of Court Solicitor to make sure your side of the argument is heard.

Get legal advice from our Contempt of Court Solicitors

Call 0151 239 1138 today to speak with Sean Carty, one of our solicitors, about legal representation to defend a Contempt of Court case in relation to an accusation of Personal Injury claim fraud. We'll be able to provide advice to you, so that you know the options available for defending yourself from an allegation of Contempt of Court and we will also be able to help you to make an application for legal aid funding to cover your legal costs.

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