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Personal Injury Law > Faulty product compensation claims

Faulty product compensation claims

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If a faulty product you’ve bought or been given to use has injured you in any way, you might be able to claim personal injury compensation. Our faulty product claims solicitors will be able to provide you with advice if you want to find out more.

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If you buy a product whatever it is, you naturally expect that it will be safe to use for its intended purpose. However, there are situations where a fault, flaw or defect can go unrecognised, or where problems during the manufacturing process make a product unsafe to use.

When you use an unsafe or faulty product, you are at an increased risk of suffering an injury. If you are injured whilst using a faulty product, then you may be able to claim compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

Here at Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors, our Personal Injury Solicitors can help you to make your personal injury claim on a no win, no fee basis. Call us now on 0151 239 1000 and start your faulty product injury compensation claim today.

What is a faulty product?

Almost every product for sale here in the UK today in shops, on the shelves of supermarkets or used by businesses has had to conform to a safety standard, specifying how it should be made, what materials are safe for use and what instructions should be given for safe use.

In addition to the standards which cover the manufacture and usage, the product will have undergone a product approval process, involving rigorous independent testing to confirm that the product is safe. This is particularly the case with products such as children’s toys, skin and hair products and gardening tools where the potential seriousness of any injury caused by a fault or defect is much greater.

However, despite the safety standards and regulations that will need to be adhered to and the testing and approvals process that products have to go through before they appear on shop shelves, there are times when mistakes are made and where a faulty product is made available for sale.

Examples of faulty products and the injuries they can cause

Almost any product can carry a fault or defect. Whilst these faults and defects are fortunately very rare, our experiences as personal injury solicitors have shown us that there are certain types of faulty product accident that occur more frequently than others. Categories of common faulty product injury compensation claims include:

  • Small detachable parts on children’s toys can pose a choking hazard and sharp edges can also cause cuts.

  • Hair and beauty products may cause an allergic reaction, or may contain chemicals which irritate or burn the skin.

  • Medical devices implanted into the body, such as artificial hips, can malfunction and may require further surgical interventions to fix the problem.

  • Gardening tools or kitchen implements may have safety covers that come loose or detach without warning, exposing the moving parts and sharp blades.

  • Chemicals used in soft furnishings, for example the infamous ‘toxic sofas’ scandal when a banned fungicide was used by some sofa manufacturers, which caused some people who bought the sofas to suffer from rashes and allergic reactions.

What should I do if I’m injured by a faulty product?

Here at Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors, our personal injury lawyers are on hand to help you to make your compensation claim. We will use our extensive experience with similar faulty product claims to build a strong case for you to receive a level of compensation that accurately reflects the impact that the injuries you have suffered have had on your life.

When you contact our personal injury lawyers, we will start work on your case the very same day. A successful faulty product claim will need to establish that at least one of the following factors was to blame for your injuries:

  • The product was poorly designed and as such posed a risk of injury, even if used properly.

  • The manufacturer knew there was a fault or defects in the product and failed to issue a recall, or the recall was not thorough and some defective products remained on sale.

  • A problem during the manufacturing process or whilst in transit led to the product becoming contaminated or defective in such a way as to pose a risk of injury.

  • Warnings about possible risks of injury weren’t displayed on the product or in an accompanying manual, and the instructions for use provided were wrong, incomplete or unsafe.

If your legal team can assemble the evidence to prove at least one of those issues led to your injuries, then it will be very difficult for the manufacturer or the retailer and their legal team to argue that they were not to blame.

Start your faulty product injury claim today

If you’ve been injured by a fault or defect in a product you have purchased, or you have suffered a reaction or chemical burns using a hair or beauty product at home or in a salon, then you may be able to claim personal injury compensation.

To find out if you can make a claim, call our claims advice team on 0151 239 1180, or use one of the forms here on our website and a member of staff will call you back to discuss your injuries and to advise you about your legal options.

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