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Inheritance Tax

Getting professional legal advice to help with sorting out Inheritance Tax issues can make a big difference when it comes to the administration of your estate after death.

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Currently Inheritance Tax is not payable on estates valued under £325,000 (this is called the 'nil rate band').  Inheritance Tax is payable at a rate of 40% on any balance over the nil rate band.  

How to reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax you will pay 

Charitable gifts 

In relation to deaths after 6th April 2012 it is possible to help local charities and reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax paid by your estate to the Treasury. The current taxable rate of 40% will be reduced by 10% (to give an equivalent rate of 36%) for individuals who leave at least a tenth of their estate to charity as part of a new drive to boost legacy giving to charities and the arts.

Transferable nil rate band


As previously mentioned, everyone has a nil rate band of £325,000.00.

Upon the death of the first spouse (or civil partner) providing the entire estate is passed to the surviving spouse (or surviving civil partner) then on the death of the survivor the whole nil rate band on the first death is applied to the second death. Therefore, there is a double nil rate band available.

Under current rules this would mean that Inheritance Tax would only be charged on the estate over £650,000.00.

However, if only part of the estate is left to the survivor then only half of the nil rate band can be transferred and therefore double nil rate band is not available. 

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