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Personal Injury Negligence

If your personal injury case has gone wrong due to the negligence of your solicitor, then Canter Levin & Berg can help you to make a claim against a solicitor for personal injury negligence. Our service is available to people who have been the clients of personal injury solicitors in England and Wales and who have suffered a financial loss as a result of personal injury negligence.

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Personal Injury Solicitors can deal with an enormous range of claims brought by clients whose injuries can vary from mild muscular damage through to a life changing injury like permanent brain damage.  When you use a personal injury solicitor to make a compensation claim for your injuries, you are very much putting yourself in their hands when it comes to negotiating on your behalf with the other law firms and insurance companies that may be involved in the case.  If something goes wrong and your personal injury solicitor is negligent, you could find yourself with a compensation settlement that doesn’t meet your needs, or you might receive no compensation at all.

How can Personal Injury Negligence affect my claim?
There are several ways in which a negligent personal injury solicitor can cause your claim to fail, or to settle for less than its actual worth.  We’ve put together this brief overview of common examples of personal injury negligence in compensation claims for your information.  For a more complete assessment of the individual circumstances of your case, call one of our Professional Negligence Solicitors today for a free initial consultation.

Missing the limitation date
In most personal injury claims, you have three years from the date you suffered your injury, or you became aware of your occupational disease in which to start court proceedings to recover personal injury compensation.  Your personal injury solicitor should make you aware of this when they begin work on your case and in some circumstances a personal injury solicitor might refuse to take your case on if it is approaching 3 years from the date of your accident, as there may not be sufficient time to undertake the necessary background work before a court case would have to commence.  Negligent behaviour by your personal injury solicitor could result in delays to your claim meaning that the limitation date is missed and your claim is rejected by the courts.

Suing the wrong party
In some personal injury claims, particularly those made by people who have been affected by an asbestos-related or occupational disease there might be a significant delay between the initial exposure to the cause of their disease and the onset of any symptoms.  Making personal injury claims for an asbestos related disease can therefore involve a great deal of detective work to track down those responsible for exposing the claimant to the cause of their disease.  When mistakes are made by a negligent personal injury solicitor it can sometimes mean that in cases like this, the wrong individual or organisation ends up getting sued.  This is particularly a problem when two companies share very similar names or when one company has been taken over by another.

Settling a claim for less than its true value
Valuing a personal injury compensation claim is an important part of the service that a personal injury solicitor provides.  When calculating the level of compensation to claim for their client, a personal injury solicitor should use relevant expert medical evidence of their clients injuries, the testimony from the client themselves as to how their injuries have affected their life and also supporting evidence for time off work or extra expenses their client has incurred as a result of their injuries.  A negligent personal injury solicitor may fail to properly consider medical evidence, or may assign an unqualified junior member of staff to work on a case, which can lead to errors that greatly undervalue their client’s compensation claim.

Claiming Personal Injury Negligence Compensation
If you have suffered a financial loss in a personal injury claim as a result of the actions of a negligent personal injury solicitor, then Canter Levin & Berg’s own Professional Negligence Solicitors can provide you with a free initial assessment claim. Our team of specialist professional negligence solicitors will examine the details of your case, covering the areas in which your personal injury solicitor may have been negligent.

Our professional personal injury negligence solicitors can discuss the options available to you to fund any personal injury negligence claim against a solicitor.  This can include funding your claim under a no-win no-fee agreement. For more information on personal injury negligence claims or to find out more about other ways in which our professional negligence solicitors could help you, you can fill in the form on this website.  Alternatively, contact one of our professional negligence claims solicitors Sean Carty on 0151 239 1138.