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Lorry & HGV Accident Claims

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For drivers of lorries and HGVs Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors can offer legal advice when making a road accident compensation claim.

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If you’ve been involved in an accident on the road whilst at the wheel of a lorry or heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and the accident wasn’t your fault then our solicitors can help you claim compensation for any injuries you suffered in the accident. We also offer a complete accident management service which can organise everything from the recovery of your vehicle at the scene of the accident, through to an inspection of the damage and (if possible) the repairs required to return your lorry or HGV to its pre-accident condition.

Our lorry and HGV accident claim service is designed to deal effectively and efficiently with your situation. We work on your behalf to make sure that the impact that being involved in a road accident has on your finances, your ability to return to work and your life in general is kept to a minimum and that where you have suffered inconvenience in one form or another, you receive compensation.

Find out if we can help you to make a lorry or HGV accident claim - call our road traffic accident solicitors now on 0151 239 1180. We aim to give you a fast decision when it comes to your chances of successfully claiming road accident compensation.

What makes Lorry and HGV accidents different?

In many ways, a road accident involving a lorry or Heavy Goods Vehicle is no different to any other type of road accident. There are still going to be victims who may require medical attention and there will probably also be one or more damaged vehicles to deal with. However there are some ways in which a lorry or HGV road accident differs from a road accident involving a car, a bicycle or a motorcycle.

The size and weight of lorries and HGV’s means that in an accident, the level of damage caused to other vehicles such as cars and motorcycles could potentially be much greater, and the injuries suffered by their occupants more severe, than in an accident involving smaller vehicles. lorries and HGV’s, due to their size, can also cause more disruption in the event of an accident by blocking multiple lanes on motorways and dual carriageways or by becoming stuck on narrower roads in towns and villages.

What causes a Lorry or HGV accident?

Lorry and HGV road accidents share some causes in common with other types of road accident. Some of these causes include situations where an accident has been caused when one or more motorists failed to look before attempting to make a manoeuvre, or where tiredness, illness and the consumption of alcohol or drugs have played a part. Using a mobile phone whilst at the wheel, aside from being illegal, also increases the risk of a road accident for lorry and HGV drivers.

Shared factors aside, there are some causative factors for road accidents that affect lorries and HGV’s considerably more than other types of vehicles. These factors include:

  • High winds – Large vehicles with relatively flat sides such as lorries or HGV’s are more susceptible to the effects of strong winds than smaller vehicles with lower centres of gravity. In windy conditions, lorry and HGV drivers should take care that their routes avoid exposed sections of road, such as bridges, flyovers, viaducts and upland areas. If exposed locations cannot be avoided, then drivers of lorries and HGV’s should reduce their speed and take extra care when manoeuvring.

  • Bridges and overhanging branches – Another problem created by the height of many lorries and HGV’s is the risk of hitting the underside of a bridge, or an overhanging tree. Accidents of this type can pose a risk to any vehicles behind the lorry or HGV as debris, including the roof of the vehicle or trailer, may fall onto the roadway.

  • Overloaded vehicles or poorly secured cargo – Overloaded vehicles with poorly secured or poorly stacked loads are more at risk of turning over or shedding their loads. HGV and lorry drivers should check that their loads have been secured properly before setting off on any journey.

  • Tailgaiting – Lorries and HGV’s can be particularly dangerous to other motorists who follow them too closely, as tailgaiting increases the chances that these motorists will not have enough time to react to avoid a collision if the lorry or HGV they are following brakes suddenly.

Making a claim after a HGV or Lorry accident

If you have been injured in an accident involving a HGV or lorry, then it might be possible for you to make a claim for injury compensation. As long as you were not at fault, the road accident solicitors at Canter Levin & Berg can help you to make this claim. Our professional team of specialist road traffic accident solicitors help hundreds of people each year to make claims following road accidents where they were not to blame.

We offer a complete accident management service to people involved in HGV or lorry accidents, for the drivers of these vehicles, their passengers and for anyone else involved. Call our offices today on 0151 239 1180 to speak with one of our solicitors, or fill in the enquiry form on our website and we’ll call you back to get your compensation claim started.

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