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Road Traffic Accidents > Car Passenger Accident Claims

Compensation for Passengers Injured in Road Accidents

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We can help passengers involved in road accidents claim compensation, to make a claim call 0151 239 1180.

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Passengers involved in an accident are just as entitled to claim for compensation as the person behind the wheel. You may not have been driving, but the injuries suffered by passengers in road traffic accidents can cause as much pain, distress and loss of earnings due to time off work as those suffered by the driver.

At Canter, Levin & Berg we have a dedicated team of solicitors who have years of experience representing passengers injured in road accidents. In our opinion, if you weren’t driving, there’s every chance it wasn’t your fault, so why should you have to suffer?

Our road traffic accident lawyers know the steps to take to sort out your accident, recovering the compensation you are entitled to without causing you any inconvenience.

If you are involved in an accident as a passenger, then you are entitled to be compensated if you have suffered injuries, or if any of your property has been damaged in the accident. As a passenger this entitlement is an absolute, a guarantee.

Think about it! As a passenger the accident obviously cannot be your fault and no matter who is to blame, even if the accident was caused by the driver of your own vehicle, you have the right to be compensated and we will see to it that you are fully compensated - to reflect the impact that your accident has had on your health and your life.

As a passenger can I claim compensation?

Yes you can. Anyone injured in an accident caused by someone else has the right to claim compensation for their injuries and for any other financial losses they have suffered as a direct result of the accident. As an injured passenger, you can make a road accident compensation claim even if the accident was caused by the driver of the vehicle that you were travelling in.

As well as your injuries, whether they are physical or psychological and whether they range in severity from the minor to the life changing, as the passenger in a road accident your compensation claim can also include:

  • The costs of any specially arranged private physiotherapy and rehabilitative treatment.
  • Care and assistance provided by friends and family if you have been unable to look after yourself due to your injuries.
  • Lost earnings if you were unable to work after your accident, or if your injuries mean that you have had to change roles or reduce your hours.
  • Money to replace or repair clothing or personal possessions damaged or destroyed in the accident.

The Law says that you are entitled to make a claim for compensation and as lawyers we are here to help you to do so. We help thousands of people to successfully claim compensation for their injuries every year.

Our team of road accident solicitors are here to deal with your case from start to finish and we have the expertise to deal with the whole spectrum of road accidents. This ranges from passengers who have suffered relatively minor injuries in a low-speed crash through to life-changing injuries where a multi million pound settlement might be required to provide for future care needs.

Start your claim for passenger accident compensation today

To talk to one of our road accident experts, call 0151 239 1180 or complete our online enquiry form at the top of the page to find out if, as a passenger, you are entitled to make a compensation claim. You have nothing to lose and could have a lot to gain.

We will give you a quick decision on your claim and if we think you have a good change of successfully recovering compensation for your injuries, we will advise you on the best possible course of action. Our road traffic accident solicitors are experts in their field, but we aim to talk to you in plain English, so you’ll know exactly where you stand at all times.

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