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A guide to accident claims for pedestrians

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At Canter Levin & Berg, our solicitors have helped hundreds of pedestrians injured in accidents to successfully make accident compensation claims. We’ve put together this guide to show you how our straightforward approach to pedestrian accident claims can help.

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As a pedestrian, you have little or no protection from injury if you have been involved in a road accident. Compared to someone travelling in a car, or even a motorcyclist, who will at least have the benefit of sturdy protective leathers and a helmet - those on foot are extremely vulnerable.

In 2011, for example, 453 pedestrians were killed in road accidents, a quarter of the total number of fatalities from road accidents that year. In addition, nearly 5,500 pedestrians received a serious injury in the same year as a result of a road accident.

For straightforward legal advice about making an accident claim if you, or a member of your family, has been injured in a road accident as a pedestrian, talk to our road accident solicitors. As a firm with a long history of successfully representing people who have sustained injuries through no fault of their own in road accidents, we know just what it takes to ensure you get the best possible result from any compensation claim you make following a road accident.

What should I do after a road accident?

If you’ve been involved in a road accident as a pedestrian, your first and most important concern should be for your own safety.

Pedestrians involved in road accidents can be left with serious injuries. If you have suffered broken bones or other serious injuries, you may not be in a position to do anything other than wait for the emergency services to arrive. In a situation where your injuries aren’t as severe (if you are walking wounded), then you should head to the road side, whether that’s to the pavement or a motorway embankment.

Once you are safe, then you should contact the emergency services, if they haven’t already been called. If you feel you are able to, then you might want to help out anyone else injured in the accident until the professionals arrive.

For many people, their pedestrian accident claim will typically start after they have received medical treatment for their injuries. When you are ready you might want to consider contacting an independent personal injury solicitor for legal advice and to find out whether you may be able make an accident compensation claim against the person or people responsible for your accident.

What happens after I contact a pedestrian accident solicitor?

When you contact a pedestrian accident solicitor, such as Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors, you should try to have as many details as possible about your accident, including a list of any witnesses and their contact details, a police incident number (if the police attended the accident) and details of the driver or drivers responsible for the accident.  This information can be gathered later on as your case is assembled by your solicitor, but providing it at the start of your case can make the whole process much more straightforward and will speed up the initial stages of your claim.

Pedestrian accident claims follow a similar process to claims made by other people injured in road accidents, such as cyclists, motorcyclists and car drivers:

  • Firstly, evidence is gathered by the solicitor and their staff from various sources including statements, photographs of the accident scene and a medical report of your injuries.
  • Once all the evidence has been gathered, your solicitor will calculate the amount of money to be claimed, accounting for any loss of wages, the pain and suffering caused by your injuries as well as any other expenses you have incurred as a direct result of your accident and its effects on your life.
  • Your solicitor will then enter into negotiations with the insurance company representing the motorist responsible for your accident. In most circumstances a pedestrian accident claim can be settled without going to a court hearing, as the insurance company may admit liability on behalf of their client.
  • If your claim is contested then it might be necessary for your solicitor, or a barrister to go to court. Either way, if your claim is successful then you can expect to receive your compensation within a few weeks of the conclusion of your case.

Make a pedestrian accident claim today

At Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors, we have helped thousands of people injured in road accidents, whether as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists or vehicle drivers and passengers to successfully claim compensation from those responsible. Our Solicitors have extensive experience handling claims ranging from thousands of pounds through to multi-million pound settlements in cases where a pedestrian has suffered permanent life-changing injuries.

To find out how our pedestrian accident claims team can help you, or a member of your family who was injured as a pedestrian in a non fault accident, call 0151 239 1180 today, or submit your details using our online enquiry form.

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