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Bus accident compensation

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Buses and coaches are, generally speaking a very safe form of transport, used by millions of people every day in the UK to get to and from work, for travelling to the shops or for longer journeys. Coach and bus companies in the UK have to keep their vehicles well maintained, and to qualify to driver a bus or coach requires extensive training.

Nevertheless, bus and coach accidents can and do still happen, leaving hundreds of people each year with injuries. Often these accidents happen through no fault of the bus or coach driver, such as when another vehicle is involved, or when dangerous road conditions or mechanical failure lead to a loss of control.

If you have been injured in an accident whilst you were a passenger in a bus or a coach, then in most cases it is possible to claim bus accident compensation for the injuries you have suffered. At Canter Levin & Berg, our bus accident compensation solicitors have for many years been helping injured people to claim the compensation they are entitled to after a bus or coach accident and we can help you too.

How do I make a bus or coach accident claim?

In the immediate aftermath of a bus or coach accident, your priority probably won’t be to start a compensation claim. You’re more likely to be concerned with your own safety, the safety of any friends and family you were travelling with and the safety of other passengers on the bus or coach. However, once everyone involved has been accounted for and you have received medical treatment for your injuries, then you might want to consider your legal options.

Generally speaking, a compensation claim made after a bus or coach accident will either be made against the insurance policy of the coach or bus driver (or the owner of the coach or bus where applicable) or against the insurance policy of the driver responsible for causing the accident.

Bus and coach accidents can also happen due to poor weather conditions, or where a section of road has been either poorly maintained or poorly designed. In these situations it might be possible to make a bus accident compensation claim against the local council responsible for maintaining that stretch of road, or on major routes and motorways, the Highways Agency.

If you are considering making a bus accident compensation claim, then expert legal advice from a road accident solicitor can make a real difference. Here at Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors, our bus accident solicitors will review all of the evidence available to determine the likelihood that your compensation claim will be successful, as well as investigating the circumstances of the accident so that any claim we make on your behalf is directed towards the responsible party.

Bus accident compensation claims advice

Any bus or coach accident can be a major incident, due to the number of people involved and the large size of the vehicle. Buses and coaches can cause much more damage to other vehicles, or if they leave the roadway in an accident, to houses and other buildings than a car, a motorbike or a small van might. To make a successful compensation claim after a bus accident, your solicitor will usually need to spend longer investigating the accident circumstances compared with a typical road accident that might involve two cars or other small vehicles.

Talk to the experts at Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors to find out how to make a bus or coach accident compensation claim. You can call our road accident solicitors today on 0151 239 1180 or submit details of your bus accident via our website, where a member of staff will call you back to discuss your claim.

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