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Motorway accidents

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An accident on a motorway can have a massive impact on your life, but expert legal advice from a solicitor can make a real difference. For no-obligation motorway accident advice, call 0151 239 1180 today.

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At Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors, we understand that suffering injuries in a motorway accident can be a terrible experience. We will do all that we can, to make sure that your accident compensation claim won’t add extra inconvenience at what is likely to be a difficult time.

The solicitors within our road traffic accident claims team have worked on thousands of motorway accident claims – recovering millions of pounds in compensation for those who have been injured through no fault of their own.

Our experience dealing with successful motorway accident claims has given our solicitors an appreciation of what really matters to accident victims and this has informed the approach we take when we make a claim.

Motorway accidents in the UK

UK motorways are the safest class of roads, with a lower rate of accidents per mile travelled than any other class of road. However, with huge numbers of vehicles using the motorway network every day, accidents can and still do happen. According to the most recent official statistics, in 2011 there were 5,819 recorded accidents on UK motorways and 92 fatalities.

Motorway accidents might not happen as frequently as accidents on rural roads or in urban areas, but the higher speeds involved mean that when an accident does happen, there is the potential for those involved to suffer serious injuries. As well as speed, traffic is another factor that can play a part in motorway accidents; heavy traffic conditions can lead to multiple vehicle crashes or pile-ups where large numbers of vehicles and people are involved.

Weather conditions can also play a major part in motorway accidents. Accidents can happen where the road surface is wet, oily, icy or where a chemical spill has taken place. At the same time, if visibility is affected, for example if there is mist or fog, low cloud or the sun is at a low angle (during the winter months) then the likelihood that a motorway accident might occur will increase. In one recent tragic accident on the M5 motorway in 2011, 7 people lost their lives and 51 others were injured when smoke from a nearby fireworks display drifted across the carriageway, temporarily affecting visibility for drivers on the motorway.

Legal advice about motorway accident compensation

For legal advice after an accident on a motorway that wasn’t your fault, talk to the road accident solicitors at Canter Levin & Berg. Our legal team will give you a quick decision on whether you have grounds to make a motorway accident compensation claim. If we decide to take on your claim, then our accident management service will see to it that your vehicle is recovered, the damage is inspected and that if repairs are possible, that these are carried out in one of our approved network of garages.

If you need the use of a vehicle after your motorway accident, we will see to it that you received a like-for-like replacement. We will provide this replacement vehicle at no cost to you and you will be able to use it until you are able to purchase a replacement for the vehicle damaged in the motorway accident. To find out more about how we can help you after a motorway accident, call our offices today on 0151 239 1180.

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