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Motorcycle Accident Injuries

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As motorcycle accident solicitors in Liverpool, we see some motorcycle accident injuries more often than others. Here are some common injuries that can occur in a motorcycle accident.

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If you have the misfortune to come off your bike in an accident that wasn’t your fault, it is quite likely you’ll suffer some injuries.

These injuries can cover anything from cuts and bruises through ligament damage and dislocations right up to serious leg and arm injuries and severe brain damage.

Wearing protective equipment, including a helmet, leathers and reinforced boots can help to protect you from serious injuries in a motorcycle accident and can also reduce the severity of any injuries you do suffer.

Motorcycle injury guide

We’ve put together the list of motorcycle accident injuries based on the injuries suffered by our clients and also on studies into the injuries most often suffered by people who have been involved in motorcycle accidents. Some of the injuries listed below are covered in more detail in the Serious Injury Claims section of this website.


Motorcycle accident victims can suffer whiplash-type injuries in accidents if their head and neck move suddenly during an impact with another vehicle. Whiplash injuries occur most often in motorcycle accidents where another vehicle drives into the back or side of the bike. The pain, discomfort and reduction in movement which are some of the common symptoms of a whiplash injury can make riding after an accident uncomfortable.

It can take some time following a motorcycle accident for the symptoms of whiplash to develop. After a low speed motorcycle accident, you might not realise you have suffered an injury for several hours. If you do begin to feel any pain and stiffness in your neck, or other symptoms such as dizziness, headaches or difficulty swallowing then you should seek immediate medical attention.

Soft Tissue Injuries and Bruising

Soft tissue injuries can cover almost any type of injury you might suffer in a motorcycle accident that isn’t a broken bone, nerve damage or damage to your internal organs. Whiplash is the most well known soft-tissue injury, but almost any area of your body can be affected.

The symptoms of a soft tissue injury range from bruising and discolouration of the skin through to pulled muscles, inflammation of joints and cuts or puncture wounds. As with any injury, if you think you’ve suffered a soft tissue injury in a motorcycle accident you should seek out medical attention for your injuries. This is important for your own well-being and also so that you have evidence of your injuries should you later decide to make a motorcycle accident compensation claim.

Ligament Damage

Injuries to your ligaments, particularly those which connect the bones in the legs are a common occurrence in motorcycle accidents. As the fibrous tissue which makes up the ligaments functions somewhat like an elastic band, a sudden impact, such as might happen if you’re thrown from your bike and your legs hit the road at an awkward angle, can cause the ligaments to over-extend – leading to dislocations – or to break.

Ligament damage can be a very serious injury as if the ligaments snap or are severely over-extended, they could leave you with lasting weakness in the affected joint. This can be a particular problem for bikers if the weakness is in your knee or ankle, as it will affect your ability to control your bike and to ride safely. If you have suffered ligament damage in a motorcycle accident, you might need a surgical procedure to repair the damage.

Broken Bones/Fractures

In a motorbike accident, hitting the road (as you’re quite likely to do) or any other hard surface can lead to any number of injuries, including broken bones. A broken bone can be a painful and restrictive injury. Not only will breaking a bone in your leg and arm be very painful, but you’ll probably also find yourself out of action wearing a plaster cast over the affected limb or limbs.

Naturally if you have broken a bone in your arm or leg, riding a motorcycle is going to be a difficult task whilst you recover – assuming you make a complete recovery. In situations where it looks like your injuries might permanently restrict your movement or where you might face a recovery that takes years rather than months, then it could well be worth your while seeking specialist legal advice from our Serious Injury Solicitors.

Spinal Injuries and Paralysis

There are varying levels of paralysis that you might suffer in a serious motorcycle accident. These include injuries where the paralysis is only partial or only affects a specific area of the body, such as brachial plexus injuries, where the paralysis might only affect one or both arms.

More serious paralysis injuries include those where damage has been caused to the spinal cord and where the paralysis affects both legs, the lower abdomen or in extreme cases, most of the body below the neck. Learning to cope with the life-changing effects of a paralysis injury suffered in a motorcycle accident can take years and you may have to rely on the help of friends, family members and specialist carers with everyday life after your accident. We have a more detailed guide to paralysis injuries in the Serious Injury claims section of our website.

Brain Damage and Severe Head Injuries

Wearing a helmet whilst riding a motorcycle comes as second nature to most bikers, and with good reason! A properly fitted helmet can protect you in many motorcycle accidents, cushioning your head against impacts that might otherwise cause serious injuries. Having said that, no helmet will offer 100% protection 100% of the time and there will be cases where someone involved in a motorcycle accident suffers a serious head injury or brain damage despite their wearing a helmet.

Brain damage injuries can have a massive impact on the lives of the victims and also of their families. If the injured person was the main wage earner in the household then there might be significant financial pressures even before the costs of any specialist healthcare or modifications to the home are taken into account. A more detailed guide to brain damage and head injury compensation claims is available here.

Injuries to Internal Organs and amputations

More so than any other road users, motorcyclists are susceptible to the risks of internal injuries and to amputation injuries in serious, high speed motorcycle accidents. In a motorcycle accident, even with full protective gear on you will still be quite vulnerable to internal injuries caused by hitting the road surface, or crushing injuries that might happen if, for example, you are trapped underneath your bike, or the vehicle that crashed into you.

Amputations can happen either in the accident (known as a traumatic amputation), or afterwards if emergency services or hospital doctors conclude that the injuries to your limb are so severe that the only option is to partially or totally amputate the affected limb. For more information on claims made after accidents that have involved an amputation, we have a guide over on the Serious Injury Claims section of the site.

Motorcycle Injury Advice from Solicitors in Liverpool

If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered any of the motorcycle accident injuries we’ve mentioned above or any other type of injury whilst on your bike in an accident that wasn’t your fault, Canter Levin & Berg can help.

Our motorcycle injury solicitors have helped hundreds of motorcyclists to successfully claim compensation after they’ve been injured. This includes situations where other drivers have unexpectedly changed lanes, failed to stop in time at junctions and for many other reasons.

Make a motorcycle injury compensation claim with us and well see to it that your bike is recovered, if possible repaired and any clothing or possessions damaged in the accident are repaired or replaced.

We’ll also include in the amount we claim for you the wages you may have lost if your injuries prevented you from returning to work and we can make sure your claim will provide you with the finances to afford any additional medical expenses.

If you’ve got questions about claiming for anything not listed here, call our offices on 0151 239 1180. Our solicitors can discuss your accident, your injuries and how we can help get your motorcycle accident compensation claim started today.

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